Broadband Breakfast on Wednesday, August 4, 2021, 12 Noon ET — Preview of the Broadband Communities Summit (Part 2)

This event will be the second in a series previewing the upcoming Broadband Communities Summit.

Broadband Breakfast on Wednesday, August 4, 2021, 12 Noon ET — Preview of the Broadband Communities Summit (Part 2)
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Wednesday, August 4, 2021, 12 Noon ET — Preview of the Broadband Communities Summit (Part 2)

The Broadband Communities Summit is the leading event for broadband operators. The Summit ​attracts ​​system ​operators, ​network ​builders ​and ​deployers ​of ​all ​kinds. ​Many ​of ​the ​country’s ​major ​property ​owners ​and ​real ​estate ​developers ​attend ​the ​Summit ​each ​year, ​along ​with ​independent ​telcos ​and ​cable ​companies, ​municipal ​and ​state ​officials, ​community ​leaders ​and ​economic ​development ​professionals. ​

In this three-part series, Broadband Breakfast and Broadband Communities will preview the upcoming events at the Summit, which takes place from September 27-30, 2021, in Houston, Texas.

The first preview session, on July 21, will provide an overview of Broadband Communities Summit. Drew Clark will moderate.

The second preview session, on August 4, will focus on financing panels at the event, both the Broadband Communities Summit main sessions, as well as the Digital Infrastructure Investment mini-conference on September 27. Sean Buckley will moderate.

The third preview session, on August 18, will address multi-tenant housing issues at the summit. Sean Buckley will moderate.

Broadband Breakfast Club Members receive discount pricing on both the Broadband Communities Summit and Digital Infrastructure Investment 2021. the upcoming events at the Learn more about the Summit.

Panelists for the second preview session:

  • Steve Ross, Editor-at-large, Broadband Communities
  • Brian Snider, CEO, Lit Communities
  • Hilda Legg, Rural Economic Development Consultant, Legg Strategies
  • Drew Clark, Editor and Publisher of Broadband Breakfast
  • Sean Buckley (moderator), Editor-in-Chief, Broadband Communities

Steve Ross’s financial models, free at, are the world’s most widely used for broadband deployment planning and cash flow analysis. He was founding editor of Broadband Communities in 2004 and now writes Bandwidth Hawk, named third best column in any USA business magazine by ASBPE for the past two years. He has run companies, taught full time at Columbia University and elsewhere, and served on dozens of corporate boards and advisory committees, almost always monitoring finance.

Brian Snider is the Chief Executive Officer for Lit and has previously worked as Director of Fiber Delivery at Byers Engineering in addition to creating the Network Design Practice Area at Foresite Group. Brian has over 16 years of experience in wide area network deployments, having led the build-outs of the entire Southeast US for AT&T’s Uverse release, Google Fiber’s builds in Austin, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, and Huntsville, Verizon’s network densification in Seattle, San Francisco, Cleveland, Nashville, and Knoxville, in addition to numerous municipal projects throughout the country. Brian has worked with a core team to create the process that brings community broadband into the 21st century. Our team started on a mission 4 years ago to connect people to information, to ideas, and to each other, and Lit continues to carry that torch to each community we work with.

Hilda Legg has dedicated her 40+-year career to rural economic development, with an emphasis on the build out of true broadband and on economic opportunities and education for the families who live in rural communities across the country. She has served under four United States presidents in efforts to enhance the economic and educational opportunities for rural residents and to strengthen agriculture-driven economies in efforts to sustain a strong and healthy rural America. Legg brings vast knowledge and a wide variety of skills from experience in public, non-profit and private industries. She currently works as a consultant for Legg Strategies in Lexington, Kentucky.

Drew Clark, Editor and Publisher of Broadband Breakfast, also serves as Of Counsel to The CommLaw Group. He has helped fiber-based and fixed wireless providers negotiate telecom leases and fiber IRUs, litigate to operate in the public right of way, and argue regulatory classifications before federal and state authorities. In addition to representing public and private providers on broadband issues, Drew is actively involved in issues surrounding interconnected Voice-over-Internet-Protocol service, spectrum licenses, robocalling including STIR/SHAKEN, and the provision of video franchises and “over-the-top” copyrighted content.

Sean Buckley (moderator) began his tenure as Editor-in-Chief of Broadband Communities after nine years as senior editor at FierceTelecom, a daily online newsletter. He also oversaw FierceInstaller, a weekly publication chronicling trends in network installation. Previously, he spent eight years at Horizon House publications, serving as senior editor and later as editor-in-chief of Telecommunications Magazine and Telecom Engine.

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