NCTA’s McSlarrow Speech: Mirrors Self-Serving Control of Pipelines

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Kyle McSlarrow’s recent speech to The Media Institute mirrors a self-serving approach to control the pipelines, guised as a First Amendment right for ISP’s. The point Mr. McSlarrow is trying to make shakes the Freedom of Speech right for every citizen to the core. How can such rhetoric hide behind this basic citizen right in making an argument to control speeds, and content of global information sharing, the principle design of the Internet, and contention of the Net Neutrality debate? The Internet has become larger than any private company’s right to control it.

Instead of creating more controversy, the NCTA, (the right arm of the Cable TV industry), should be highlighting how these private sector companies can benefit consumers and businesses in a competitive landscape. The important issue should be how those networks will continue to upgrade infrastructure to act as a conduit for information, education, and global business competition.

The industry is not well served by its spokesperson in (drawing-a-line-in-the-sand), or trying to hijack the premise of free speech to avoid shackling of its pipelines that will clearly profit from a (lack of free speech). Unfortunately, the comments argument only drives home the need for government intervention.

Finally, to say that an industry which helped create CNN, FOX NEWS, HEADLINE NEWS, CNBC, BLOOMBERG, and other news organizations is under threat of losing its freedom of speech, is ridiculous. It has so many avenues of getting its point to the masses by creating pay content, the speech becomes an oxymoron. This is an ill-conceived speech cloaked with big business and power wanting control of the pipelines, and from an industry on the (tipping-point) of increased regulation.

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