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Fueling the Fire of Rural Innovation

A Webcast Series from the Rural Telecommunications Congress

Bringing broadband to rural America is a vital priority for the nation. One of the best ways to highlight how important broadband is for rural America is to cast the spotlight on the way in which particular communities are using advanced broadband capacity.

The Rural Telecommunications Congress (RTC), a 20-year-old grassroots organization devoting to advocating for better broadband in Rural America, aims to do this through a Webcast Series Live from Rural America.

The focus of the first event will be about the way that a particular community in Rural America is making use of broadband in economic and community development. A few members of the RTC will be present in the particular community on the day of the event, and will moderate a “town hall” style discussion for one-and-a-half to two hours.

The event will include an official from the government of the community, and businesses or other community leaders, highlighting the way in which better broadband access has transformed the lives of people in the particular community.

The most important aspect of the “Fueling the Fire of Rural Innovation” webcasts, however, will be the live stream of the events, complete with interactive feedback online and on the Rural Telecommunications Congress web site. The event will be free, and archived on the web site.

The objective of the Webcast Series is consistent with the RTC’s mission to highlight examples of state broadband planning, broadband infrastructure, and instances of adoption and use, this forum and webinar series will help introduce positive examples of rural innovation to a broader swath of stakeholders who care about the future of Rural America.

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